How To Fix A Bumper Scratch

A bumper scratch on a car is not necessarily a tough repair.

A simple scratch on the bumper of an otherwise nice-looking car can make valuable asset an embarrassment to drive, but for the average person to fix a bumper scratch it is really a pretty simple task if you have an eye for detail. Regardless of the seriousness of the scratch to a car's bumper, a professional auto body shop or car dealer can be an unnecessary expense in many cases because a small amount of knowledge and some leg-work can enable a car owner to fix a bumper scratch in a very short time frame. In just about every instance, to fix a bumper scratch will cost less than $50 in total and only require a few hours (if that) of a car owners time to perform a perfect job.

The first step to fix a bumper scratch is to determine your car's color so that your repair will match. This can be accomplished in several ways, the easiest being looking at your car owner's manual to see if the information is contained there. If not, a car owner can take their car to the dealer from which they purchased it and the color should be contained in the sales information that was retained by the dealership. Once the color information has been obtained the paint can be purchased either at the dealership or at a local auto parts store. To fix a bumper scratch you will need a few supplies - masking tape, spray primer, clear coat, ultra-fine sandpaper and for deep scratches a small can of auto body filler.

After acquiring the necessary materials wash the bumper area around the scratch and allow it to dry. Using very fine sandpaper sand the surface of the car bumper until it is smooth, and then wash the bumper again and allow it to thoroughly dry. The next step to fix a bumper scratch is to tape off the area surrounding the scratch using thick paper or newspaper to prevent damage from over-spray. Spray the scratched area with the spray primer in several light coats, examining the bumper between coats for drips that can be removed by sanding. After priming the bumper scratch, apply several light coats of the auto paint and allow ample drying time between coats. Follow this up with a coat or two of clear coat. When finished, remove the masking tape and protective paper and allow the repair to cure for at least 24 to 72 hours before proceeding .

The last step to fix a car bumper is to apply rubbing compound to your area of repair and buff the surface until any ridges caused by the masking tape have been eliminated. Wash and wax the car and chances are that you have been able to fix a bumper scratch without anyone ever knowing you have performed a repair.


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